Flashed new OpenWrt Version. Kept configs. Is this bug still present?

The wiki page of my device says that the newest versions of openwrt don't have a specific bug anymore: BT Home Hub 5A

Today I flashed the newest openwrt version but kept the configs.
How can I make sure that the bug is not present anymore?
I cannot test it since my current DSL is limited to 50 MBit/s.


Well 1st of all, if your wan is slower than 70mbit, why do you care at all :wink:?

If you want to spend the time and effort, you of course can put your router behind another one ( e.g. in the network of a friend)
and do a performance measurement between a computer in your network and a computer outside. You could e.g. use iperf for the measurements. A static route then needs to be present from your friends network into your network. As you want to test with NAT the test can only be initiated from your network, and the networks need to have different address spaces.


I do care since I will get a 100mbit connection soon and the new provider asks if I need a new DSL router. That's why. In the best case I won't need that router and won't have to pay a monthly fee for it.

Don't I just need to check a certain file for a difference to make sure this bug is gone?

OK, if you do not want to try it out, go to the path specified in the linked change and check that the code looks like the new version:


The file to check on your openwrt router via ssh as root is
and it has to look like


The change was in line 37

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