Flash Space run out

Hello everyone. I have some trouble when I installed OpenWRT 22.03.3 on my router tp-link archer C20 V5. The total flash capacity after the installation is 1.81Mb, and this router should have 8Mb. What could I did wrong?

If I try to used a Snapshot version on this router, the total flash partition is 3.3Mb. I do not why this happen.


Please someone how tell me what to do. Thanks.

What you are seeing is correct.

The disk space that is shown is the read/write partion. The ROM (read only) is the 'base OS' which takes up most of the space (about 6MB out of the 8MB total). The remaining ~2MB is available for your config files, user-installable packages, and any other files you may end up storing on there. It is that remaining space that is shown as "disk space"

The snapshot uses less space because it has fewer packages installed by default (specifically, it doesn't include LuCI).

If you need more space available, you can look at creating your own custom image with unused/unneeded packages omitted (see this page)

But, in short, nothing is wrong with what you are seeing.


Thanks for the answer, and there is any solution for make a OS more smaller, because I can not install anything for out of space:

Yes... as I said before...

And, you can also add packages into your custom image (which may be more space efficient than installing them later since the firmware image is also compressed).

FYI, 8mb flash devices will be EOLed by Openwrt after next stable release, due to insufficient flash space.