Flash Snapshot and after then stable again

at the moment i use 21.02.0 for my Archer C7 V2.
Due to some problems with:

a want to test a actuell SNAPSHOT.
After 21.02.x is released, i want to go back to stable again.
So my question:
Can i flash a snapshot and after that the stable and vice versa, without restoring same configuration files ? Just flash is enough ? Of course, i want to build my image with the imagebuilder.

Yes you can flash it without keeping the settings. The only limitation I am aware of is upgrading from 18.06 to 21.02.

OK, bad news..
i want to flash while keep all settings ..

At present that will work however if you keep updating to new snapshots it may move far enough away from 21.02 (e.g. change to DSA) that settings cannot be kept.

You should make a backup of settings and save that file on your PC. It is simply a tar file which you can open the individual configuration files and make incremental changes as needed.

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