Flash Problem with uploaded image supported format

Hi guys!!

I'm following the installation guise to use Open WRT on a Mikrotik LHG HP5 XL.

I downloader files from here:
openwrt - mikrotik_lhg_5 section



Everything goes great with the test of initramfs-kernel.bin, but when i want to flash permanently, something happens. I'm getting this error:

The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format. Make sure that you choose the generic image formar for your platform

Please, help!!

@halo89, welcome to the community!

To check, does an older sysupgrade file work?

Hi @lleachii. I'm just following the guide. I'm super newbie on this. How can o do??

Which guide are you following?
Are you sure Mikrotik LHG HP5 XL is supported by OpenWrt?

@tmomas I'm using files listed here: https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/mikrotik/mikrotik_lhg_5

I just tries flash through CLI, and the error is this:
Image check 'fwtool_check_image' failed.

That page is for RB LHG 5nD.
I'm not sure if the LHG HP5 XL is covered by this too.

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@tmomas You are rigth, but the thing is, lhg hp5 XL is the big one modelo of the lhg 5. So, i try sysupgrade with -F, and works!!!!

Thanks for help guys

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