Flash openwrt into Ralink board bash (MT7620a)

Hello everyone !
I have a problem and hope who read this topic help me. I have a Ralink board (MT7620a), I generate a new firmware for this board. After I use command "nand erase", the board not jump into u-boot. I monitor this board throught Serial Uart (port), but after using "nand erase", Serial uart TX pin only has high level constant voltage (3.3V), and not generating "pulse" signal. I test all Pin of Nand Flash, all pin of nand flash still run.
Notice : RY/#BY (read/busy) pin turn on, #RE(read enable) pin turn on, #WE(write enable) pin turn on.
Should I do ????
Thank for your reading my topic !!!!!reverse

Mind to tell us which device exactly you are talking about?

Hello tmomas!
My device: Indoor Femto Gateway.
Model name: WLRGFM-100. (LoRa Gateway).
Detail: Device has 1 Ethernet gate, 1 usb gate.

  1. Gateway device for LoRa technology (915Mhz)
  2. Wifi router (2.4Ghz).
    But this board develop depend on Ralink board, chip MT7620a (MIPS architecutre); software: U-boot, OpenWRT. This is some variables when this board run.
    Thanks you !
    Nhan Lee
  • runs Barrier Breaker:

I'm looking at this same device, trying to flash a clean Openwrt image onto it. Not really sure what I'm doing. I've tried flashing the following two OpenWRT bins onto the device via uboot tftp. In both cases the Linux kernel starts up, but then panics as it can't find the device on which the root partition is located:


Maybe a good thing would be to build a custom bin for this device. I just hope I can find out all the necessary configs needed. Any help would be appreciated.

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It looks like both of those models have NOR flash. At the least, you need to base your custom build off of a NAND model so there will be a NAND driver in the kernel.

NAND on a low end chip like the MT7620 would be sort of rare.

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