Flash Netgear WNDR3800SW with generic firmware?

hi all,
anyone know how to do this? I have a Wndr3800sw ver firmware and I want to convert it to openwrt. thanks.


the links for the from this post is expired, anyone have this file saved?

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2 Oct 2012, 09:55

Following a couple of requests, I thought it would be easiest to just provide the built/modified firmware images.

So here's the image I built:
MD5: 4ed644cd0c10ab63561151016aaa4576
SHA1: bd4da6756ea88140782fdb0d9e9fb375c48c6b2d

and here's the modded image to cross-flash from the SW firmware:
MD5: 17de1bf0311a116f7e538885684a24e8
SHA1: e8ed3c3469d1b7844c95eba17fd89154d6dee27e

Hopefully the links stay alive for a while. PM me if they die and I'll upload the images again.

Not likely, as the SW variant seems to be a special router for one ISP (Sure West). The discussion is six years old, so it is very unlikely that anybody who was then a SW customer with their 3800 is still that and is also still active here...

Your best bet is to take a current Openwrt 3800 firmware and modify that in Linux console to be suitable. The message from Vynce gives good steps.