Flash chip patch for Archer C7 v2 in LEDE 17.01

I hope this is not an annoying question, but I want to be absolutely certain to have it answered before I flash LEDE.

Is the patch that supports the newer flash chips in the Archer C7 v2 included in the release? Background: I had to compile my own OpenWRT image, because it was not included in the 15.05.1 release. And I want to avoid the issues I had when flashing a version without the patch. :wink:

please provide me openwrt trunk you are using in your archer c7 because i have same locked v2 version i want to install openwrt on it.

First, I took the 15.05.1 branch and then a custom config that I got from somewhere if I'm not wrong. I found something in the OpenWRT forum. I think some patches from trunk were included as well. But honestly, I wouldn't do it now, because you need to compile your own packages to meet the kernel version and if you want to install something additionally later, you are kind of screwed.

Second of, why would you take OpenWRT instead of LEDE? I would just take the current stable LEDE version and be done with it.

Actually i want to install rooter firmware(goldenorb) which is custom openwrt firmware made for running 4g/3g dongles plug and play.
I am using this firmware on my old router tplink mr3020 with 4g dongle working very well
But now want to upgrade my system with tplink archer c7 but problem is due to locked v2 version of acher c7 i am unable to install it.
So i needed patch to run it.
Can you add patch to rooter firmware(goldenorb) for me because i have not that much knowledge to add it.
I will provide you link to firmware if you please help me to provide its patched version by editing it.
I shall be very thankful to you.
below is download link of firmware which i want to be patch
www dot ofmodemsandmen.com/downloadsp.html

Including a patch should be done by the maintainer. But it seems they are not very active or only have one release per year or base it on the OpenWRT release candidate.

Is it only because of the 4G capabilities? I'm not very familiar with it, but maybe you can find some help for it in the forum here. LEDE should have some kind of support for it.

Indeed, if you look at the corresponding packages at LEDE's package list, there are many that are WWAN for 3G/4G.

The advice you got on OpenWrt forum was a good one you should follow: install LEDE image first (that would allow you to bypass the lock) and then install your custom Rooter firmware from LEDE.

I've used on my old router (e4200v2) a custom build from OMAM using this git source: https://github.com/fbradyirl/Candyhouse-Linux-ROOter.

FBradyirl's script clone the most recent OpenWrt release and bake Rooter stuff in it. This script has to be updated for the Archer C7 v2 hardware, of course; It cannot be used like that right away.

Hope this could help you or someone more knowledgeable than me to create a similar script for Archer C7 v2.

thanks for reply friends
i anybody have account on rooter (whirlpool forum )please inform them to create patched rooter firmware for tplink archer c7
i am not at rooter (whirlpool forum ) because there is a problem in sign up process of forum.