Flash a MR33 with 2017.07 U-Boot - I can get prompt?

Hi all,

So I have a Meraki MR33 with the 2017.07-RELEASE-g78ed34f31579 U-Boot version from September 29 2017. I've logged the entire boot process and noticed when I do CTRL+C I get the Meraki> prompt without any messages indicating blowing fuses or whatever you see people have said happens.

My question is, at what point does it "blow" the efuse(s)? And secondly, what's the current progress of this given that this firmware that stopped us from flashing is now just over 2 years old?

Has anyone got any more information for this?


Have you followed the install instructions?

Nothing you noted seems to be mentioned there.


Thanks for your reply.

That's because it's in the installation instructions linked on google drive that's a quarter of the way down. It states don't attempt it on anything later than 2012.07.