Flagging Off-topic/Spam/Inappropriate Comments

We have a great community here on the OpenWrt forums. The comments are usually on-topic, respectful, and thoughtful. From time to time, people make a mistake and post inappropriate remarks. Here's the best way to handle them: Don't argue, don't scold, don't feed the troll. This only encourages further bad behavior.

Pro-Tip: Instead, flag the posting. Let a moderator handle it. We have a smooth process for engaging the author and saying, "Hey, that was a little out of line" without being heavy-handed. But if the bad behavior continues, we have no qualms about banning the person if they persist.

Here's how to Flag a Post:

  1. The bottom of every post has a bunch of icons. Click the ellipsis ("...") and it expands to a larger set of icons. (See image below.)
  2. Click the flag icon. You'll have an opportunity to characterize your concerns about the post. (See the second image.) The Moderators will take it from there.

Thanks for helping to keep the conversation civil!

After clicking the Flag

You have a chance to characterize the post. If you click "Send ... a message" or "Something else" you have the opportunity to include a short message to the person or the moderators explaining your concern.