(FIXED) Luci-app-dawn config

Hi, I have just installed Dawn and have added luci-app-dawn to see the network on both my router and AP. But I am getting 2 different views, on the AP I see all the SSID's on both the AP and Router, on the router I see all the SSID's but only the router, so it looks like only the AP is seeing the "full" set-up but the router is not????

I have checked the dawn config, ensuring that the key, ports etc are correct and match, I have double checked the wireless config and the changes in both looks to be the same (the entries were copied in SSH)

I cannot find anything on the forum that matches this issue so is there a config file for the luci-app-dawn screen or something that I'm missing? I followed the official web page for the set-up and have double checked on another page that I found.

I case it matters, the router is a Lynksys WRT1200AC, the AP is a TP-Link EAP225 V3, both are running OpenWrt 22.03.2 (with all the latest packages updated from that version in the software page, to try to discount any package issues)

Any help if someone has had a similar issues would be appreciated. Worth noting from looking at my AP reporting screen, DAWN itself looks to be working correctly with my clients.

To help others I have found the issue, the router had an error of -

dawn: run_server()=tcpsocket.c@258 Address in use - usock

It appears that dawn may not have been working as I originally thought. To get it working and the luci-app-dawn displaying correctly I changed the config file on the router to a different TCP port in the "option tcp_port" line so my AP in on TCP port 1026 and my router is TCP port 1027.

After this change, restarting dawn and a minute or so for everything to sync up it's all started to work correctly.

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