[FIXED] 21.02.0-rc2 WRT3200ACM wireless is broken

testing if this error is existing in WRT32X

ok it is same on WRT32X! WIFI sucks!

Do you have 802.11w enabled, this will kill a rango

I enabled the radios on a rango (I'm on master) not seeing any of this. I know there was an issue on master with WLANx getting an IP, but not able to get out the WAN via bridge with DSA change, this was resolved with a couple of netifd VLAN commit ~6 days back; not sure if pushed to 21.x.

i think it is ok:

802.11w is disabled.

I think I will try building master and see if it works any better. Interesting that you're not having any problems. I have 6 clients with a mix of 2.4 and 5GHz using WPA2-PSK. I have KRACK protection enabled and there are active attackers near me trying to exploit it (possibly other types of attacks ongoing as well; Frag attacks?).

I assume when you say KRACK enabled you are referring to the extra station side protection as per commit, I did not enable this extra bit. I wonder if there is not some issue with the 88W8964 FW and some particular client(s), perhaps in conjunction with that feature.

Sorry, I was mistaken before. Indeed this seems to be the problem. I had mistakenly looked at my older 19.07 settings where it is disabled. In a clean install of 21.02 802.11w is set as "Optional" by default and I missed this. If I set it to disabled then 21.02 starts working fine.

So if you're running 21.02, make sure to disable 802.11w (should disabled be the default?). I'll keep testing it but it seems to be working so far. Fixed? Maybe. What if I want 802.11w support, am I SoL? :smiley:

Yes, WPA3 ain't going to happen, unless there is some kind of extraordinary development upstream (ya right). I did have sae-mixed working on a mamba, but the same config taken to a rango killed it. I started setting up APs and turning off radios around that point.

This seems to be fixed for me now as well. Initially I had 2 failed attempts with RC1 and 1 failed attempt with RC2, all clean installs.

For my attempt last night, I clean installed RC2 again. This time, I decided to copy over my original etc/config/wireless from David’s build which is also same from 19.07.x over top of my RC2 wireless config. Rebooted and it has been smooth sailing ever since.

So the issue must be something to do with the auto generation of the wifi settings I can only assume. Something there doesn’t agree well with mwlwifi.

Please compare your custom (working) wireless config with default (broken) one.

Make a copy of your current (working) /etc/config/wireless file, then execute:

rm /etc/config/wireless
wifi config

and compare your wireless backup file with the newly generated /etc/config/wireless.

When you reboot does something overwrite the working


With the incorrect one?

I had two possible theories regarding wireless config issue.

First, I thought that maybe it had something to do with 802.11w being Optional by default (as another user suggested here recently), but that did not end up being the case. 802.11w was Disabled by default. Even after removing my old working wireless config, and running wifi config to create a fresh wireless config, 802.11w was Disabled by default and even upon creating some wireless settings via LuCI, 802.11w remained Disabled and therefore that is not the issue on a default install.

My second theory had to do with cipher choice, but that also proved not to be the root of my network issue.

Therefore after comparing my previous wireless config with a freshly created wireless config, I can confirm that my issue had nothing to do with wireless config.

I have exhausted my theories at the moment and don't have any network issues since my most recent install. I am thankful for your time and patience with helping to diagnose this issue.

I have rebooted this router 3 or 4 times now since my most recent successful install of RC2 and it has retained my wireless config which is the same one used on David's 5.4 builds and also previously with 19.07.x stable release builds. Luckily nothing has overwritten or modified it since and it is working great now for approx. 48 hours. Zero issues so far.

Had to fix the config - definitely borked after upgrade to rc2 (really snapshot)
Previous settings were there in /etc/config/wireless
Mine also complained about a missing iwinfo when generating the new config.


  • Wipe config (rm /etc/config/wireless)
  • Generate config in new format (wifi config)
  • Add your changes. wifi reload

The issue appears to be caused by new disabled radios addded to the existing configuration

config wifi-device 'radio3'
	option type 'mac80211'
	option macaddr '<hidden>'
	option channel '1'
	option band '2g'
	option htmode 'HT20'
	option disabled '1'

This is interesting. On my most recent install, I uninstalled the two mwifiex-sdio packages. That might explain why my most recent wireless config was successful since removing those packages removes that third radio support. Also, my previous wireless config that I brought over after also has the third radio removed.

So the possibility of the mwifiex-sdio third radio info in the config causing the issue makes sense.

Edit: mwifiex-sdio also adds Bluetooth kernel mods and a handful of other stuff too from what I understand.

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By default the radios are set to disabled, so this is not new, but there is this report, cannot speak to veracity. I have the 3rd radio in my wireless config set as disabled.

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