Fit-PC1 AMD Geode with CS5536 - blast from the past

Hello, after reading articles upon articles on how there's an electronics shortage and not being able to buy a raspberry pi, I decided to dig out my ancient AMD Geode SBC the Fit-PC1. I can't seem to get any of the Geode images running, I get clocksource switched to tsc and then Openwrt seems to hang. The legacy x86 snapshot boots but there seems to be kernel support missing for the CS5536 south bridge which provides support for parallel ata, watchdog timer, gpio, etc. I don't see any install-able kernel module I can select to get the CS5536, ATA, and all the devices attached to it working. this device seems to be similar to PC Engines Alix devices but looks like all the Alix specific builds are gone now.

Does any one know the steps to enable these features in x86 legacy/geode snapshots?

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Suggest you will need to do a custom image to add pata and older ahci / architecture support back in

Happen to know what path I go through to select support for the CS5536 on either make menuconfig or make kernel_menuconfig?


This should help - you'll need the bus modules, agp, ide and usb at least;

Search results for 'Cs5536' (

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Documenting the steps here for myself and anyone else who is interested when building OpenWrt:

  1. make menuconfig
  2. select platform, subtarget, and save
  3. make kernel_menuconfig CONFIG_TARGET=subtarget
  4. In the kernel configuration menu change processor type from AMD GX1 to AMD GX/LX (This automatically selects kernel modules relevant to the Geode GX/LX including the CS5536 devices.)
  5. save
  6. make
  7. Profit!

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