Fit multi DTB - openwrt

Hi there

i have been trying to add support to ip50xx ...

I have that support however it seems one has to merge multiple dts's in order to be able to boot successfully

is there a script out there in openwrt that is able to fit multi dtb on an image (fit initramfs)?

I know that qsdk has one but don't want to hack openwrt etc ...

thank you

I did something like that for the BananaPi R64 (mediatek/mt7622), there also we need a board-specific main device-tree and select one additional device-tree-overlay to select active hardware features (SATA vs. 2nd PCIe in this case).

We do not support a single image for different base DTS yet, simply because that wasn't needed yet and we generally provide a dedicated image for each board.

Having initramfs image in FIT is also supported, also see mt7622 boards for example.

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yes ... the initramfs image in FIT is build but not working whereas in qsdk it is and they are using multiDBSfit which I am able to boot

Try using this


in target/ipq50xx/Makefile
(add separate_ramdisk to the other FEATURE flags. dt-overlay is another flag you may want to add from what I understand)

Afair QSDK was notorious about requiring very specific FIT configuration name, ie. not config@1 or config-1, but something board-specific. Try setting

DEVICE_DTS_CONFIG := config@foobarqsdkboardname

(obviously replace foobarqsdkboardname with whatever the bootloader actually expects)

thank you

DEVICE_DTS_OVERLAY appended the dtb's to the image

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