First try to support CPE210 v2 - will not boot

Here it is: QCA9553-BL3A

Board photo:

Chip close-up:

Ok,so it looks like that one is actually changed from v2 and is based on CPE210 v3

yea. it is the same basic configuration. only the soc is not sheiled like in 210V3 but the wifi circuit

How is it going, man? Any news?

Hi, i created a new thread for CPE210v3 :slight_smile:

I am really busy with exams

No problem, good luck with your exam, man...

I think you get the wrong guy, @robimarko is the one that develop openwrt for these devices, I am just an user like you.

Oh, I'm sorry

Hello @robimarko sorry for my bad english, I wanted to ask you about the firmware advances for CPE220v3, I currently have 3, with pleasure I would be a beta tester. Thank you very much!
P/D: Thanks to @abdulaziz.amar for uploading photos of the CPE220v3 board.

I dont have a CPE220v3 so I have not been developing for it at all

how to produce that serial dump:
what is the config for serial pin?
from >
TX - RX - GND - VCC or else?

See here:

not working for left to right,

3.3V, GND, RX, TX

Did you power up your device with the included PoE adapter?
Also, IIRC you don't need the 3.3V pin.

yes, i'm not using the 3.3V pin, because I don't want to brick it,

that's right, the right is 3.3V, GND, RX, TX or TX - RX - GND - VCC? from left to right with the led facing us

are you using screen?
whats the option?

LEDs - 3.3v - GND - RX -TX

I'm using putty with 115200 baud.

can u take off rf shield and take photo?

I no longer have access to the device, sorry.

I have opened it, but forgot to take a picture. It's just two small ic, like the ones in cpe210 v3's picture from @likvidshit.

Maybe @permanisudrajat can help you to take a picture from his cpe220 v3.