First try build


Before i start do any custom setups, i need ask.
Is there available official config files what are used in exact router official build.
Or use bunch of routers almost same config.buildinfo?
i think do test build to TP-link Archer C7 v2

The buildinfo is common for all sub targets. If you do a

make -j$(nproc) kernel_menuconfig

after downloading then you can select just the router you want to build for.

Look here

Thanks, this was what i was looking.

Latest conf seems be
wget -O .config

but still instruction show do manual configuration of menu:
Start the build system configuration interface by writing the following command:
make menuconfig

is there official menuconfig what i can use in base.
I thinking do first so similar build with official build as is possible.
and when it happen, i do minor custom changes.

There is no need to download any config

If you just select the router in menuconfig, you get the default options and package selection for that router.

(Note that the default in the development master is without gui, just the SSH console, so that you need to select the LuCI GUI in menuconfig. Release branches like 22.03 should have LuCI by default.)