First time setup of OpenWrt on Pi3


I'm trying to configure OpenWRT on a Pi3. To do so properly, I need to run the Luci GUI, which for some inexplicable reason is NOT included in the official OpenWRT Pi3 firmware. As such, I have to install it in OpenWRT, as it does not appear possible to install it externally. To install Luci, I have to download it, which requires connecting the OpenWRT to my home network as a client device first. To connect to my home network, I have plugged in an ethernet cable, and it is being detected as connected to my home router, but I cannot download anything on the device.

Therefore, I am presuming that, in order to do anything with it, I first need to log in to my home network. To do so requires entering a password, as my home WiFi is password-locked. I have configured my OpenWRT Pi as best I can, following the OFFICIAL documentation:
As mentioned above, despite doing so, it doesn't work.

How, and where, do I enter my WiFi password such that I can actually connect to the internet? It shouldn't be this hard.

The default pi3 image should include everything you need

The issue, Trent, is that that is the exact image I'm using.

And it doesn't have everything I'm needing. I installed it on my Pi not three hours ago and it does not have Luci on it. Or, at least, I can't access Luci on it if it does.

Which OpenWrt image are you using exactly (please provide link)?

Verify that web server is running
netstat -lnp | grep uhttp
Clean the browser cache, use private browsing, or use another browser.