First setup no internet, OpenWrt as second router

Hi all,

I am new here and I installed openwrt for the first time but unfortunately I have no internet.

I have two routers:
1- something TP-link vdsl router from my internet provider which I can't play with it, IP
2- TP-link Archer C20 V5 which I connected it to the first router using a LAN cable and used it as router(not extender or access point as I remember), before openwrt it had the IP
Today I installed openwrt because I want to use openvpn and ad blocker, after setup my router using the IP (the same first router's IP) and I have no internet.

Can anyone please help me to fix the problem?


Change the lan IP to a different subnet, you can't use the same subnet as the ISP router


Thanks @mbo2o for the help, worked 100% :slight_smile: :rose:

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OpenVPN client should be OK but the server on a secondary router, I can never access anything from remote locations but the console of the VPN server. I assume you are using a VPN client since you said you got it working.

Add a static route to the VPN subnet via your secondary router on the primary router.
Or enable IP masquerading on the secondary router.

How is that typically done? I have the VPN port forwarded to the secondary router and I can ping and access it from the road which means I can connect to Samba and FTP server on it but I can't get to any other devices on the subnet. Consider no explanation as too brief, no details as too mundane and assume no known additional knowledge of the student if you are up for this teaching challenge :slight_smile:

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