First OpenWrt for Netgear DG834G-v4

Hi there,
I'm firstly approaching OpenWrt for my NETGEAR DG834-v4 router.
I followed the instruction and I generated the OpenWrt image.
Once flashed the firmware is running (both web pages and ssh ok) but I don't find the wifi configurations.
Typing 'uci show wireless' I have: uci: Entry not found
If I open the network page I only see the LAN (br-lan), WAN (eth0), WAN6 (eth0) inferfaces.

Any idea?

Iā€™d first confirm the config was generated at /etc/config/wireless

Wireless has its own page, in the menu under the interfaces.
You can regenerate the config of wireless by running the command wifi config.


No file


at all ... :frowning:
and no extra wirelss page under interfaces page.

This device has only 16MB RAM (and 4MB flash). See for implications of low flash/RAM.


Ok, but this is a warning.
The firmware is usually working or not?
Otherwise which is the sense of the instruction page to build it?

The firmware are built automatically, so there's no person manually checking the space on each of the hundreds of devices OpenWrt supports.

Refer to the page for the most recent version usable on your device. If you discovered that you are out of space, the firmware is likely too large. You can report such firmware issues here: Report Devices Here With 18.06.0 Provided Image too big to save overlay

Further, custom images can still be created to work on certain devices, so an instruction page to build would still be relevant. Other reasons:

  • someone alters the flash or RAM to have more capacity
  • expand via USB storage
  • to boot from TFTP/JTAG

16 MB RAM is just unworkable with any newer kernel. There won't be space to load a wifi driver.

Ok, I understand.
But, I'm sorry, I missed to say that I followed the instructions on page.
So I used kernel 15.05-96348GW-11, file DG834GV4_V5.01.17_src/DG834GV4_V5.01.17_src/DG834GV4_V5.01.17_VPN.img by NETGEAR.

When I flash the firmware the nftp reports:

sudo ./nftp -u eth0 myImage-5.01.09-15.05.11.img
[sudo] password di stefano:
Sending frame on eth0 (c8:1f:66:27:7:7)
Found a router at 0:1e:2a:12:e8:3a
Router is a YFM720
Current version is 00
Max upgrade size is 65572 kb
Could not find "magic hardware header" in this image.
Uploading this is not recommended but press Enter if you wish to continue.

Erasing flash, this will take around ten seconds...
Upgrading: 2891776/2891776 bytes
Upload completed, will now verify:
Verifying: 2891776/2891776 bytes
Firmware updated/verified successfully!

Is it correct?