First openwrt firmware (mi router r4ac)

this is my first time using openwrt.

I tried to download the official firmware from miwifi, but my router took a long time to update and I rebooted it. now it doesn't work (yellow pendulum blinking all the time).

Now i decided to flash it with openwrt. i already read all the documentation openwrt, but i can't find any information other than the standard (memory, cpu, ...). now i'm looking for information on how i can download the firmware on my router. Where can I find this information?

Among the available flashing methods I have only -> Bootloader and an Ethernet port

if you bricked it its easy to unbrick, you will need a windows pc, another wifi/data hotspot to download the files and an ethernet cable connected to any lan port of the router. Check out hoddys guide:

the models may be different eg: R4A R4 etc, the only difference would be the firmware file you are going to flash through tftp. Watch out for that.

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Yes, I have read this manual, but it only describes how to install via web interface, also JTAG (I didn't go deeper because I expect to download via LAN cable). my router stopped working after the last flashing and is constantly blinking.

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i bricked my R4A so many times like more than 100 times when debugging and testing you can ask me for further information. but debricking this device is easy and straightforward unless its toasted or hardbricked.

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Really ... ? OK ...

Which links to the same manual @amirulandalib posted.

do this ->

disconnect power cord from router, there is a reset button -> hold the reset button with the power cord disconnected for 10 second -> then connect the cord (still holding) for another 10 second -> it should blink very fast like 2 flashes per second with an whitish colour/orange color -> this will enable tftp -> rest is on video

and When did you buy your router and are you sure this is R4AC and it is 100M ?

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Flash the EEPROM with Mi R4AC full dump firmware using CH341A USB programmer with neoprogrammer or asprogrammer software...


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if it flashes yellow, it's not completely dead, bruh.

for him its completely overkill, he doesnt need that he can use tftp

I've been trying to flash my router for several hours. I followed the steps in the video

Here I downloaded the program I needed (R4AC)

I've tried so many download options. I also tried unsuitable bootloaders, but they are definitely not suitable because... the indicator starts flashing white.
I tried setting ip and not setting ip. I tried,,, I tried different combinations of pressing the reset button. I tried downloading another .bin firmware.

Nothing works. It just starts flashing blue quickly and that’s it, that’s the last thing it does.

I think that I have no choice but to completely reflash the router.

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