Firs time installation on Asus RT-AC1200 v1

Hello all,

I'm sure you guys get a lot of these but I kind of need some help installing Openwrt on an Asus RT-AC1200 v1, if I go to the firmware selector page there's only two options, KERNEL, which as far as I understand is not meant for every day use, and SYSUPGRADE which according to what I read is for routers that are already running Openwrt.

There's a section in the Wiki that talks about OEM installation using Asus Recovery firmware tool, but then step 4 says that a squashfs-sysupgrade.bin file should be used, so that doesn't make things clearer.

Is there any documentation I might've missed that you could point me to? Thanks for the help.

Are you saying that the sysupgrade file is missing from the Firmware Selector?

What fruther documentation are you seeking - and for what purposes (e.g. to setup WiFi perhaps)?

(EDIT: after re reading, it seems you're concerned about following the Wiki steps - not sure why, I assume because this device doesn't use/need a separate "factory image" - but you're seeking more Wiki instructions/docs?)

Hey, thanks for the reply,

My concern is that according to this image formats wiki I would need a factory image, since I'm going from an OEM firmware to Openwrt, the firmware selector page the Asus RT-AC1200
does not generate a factory image, only KERNEL or SYSUPGRADE images.

While writing this reply I just realized that the image formats wiki says I can just use the sysupgrade image when there's no factory image being generated, and to follow what the router documentation page says, as far as I can tell the OEM installation using Asus Recovery firmware tool looks like the most straight forward way of going about this, I'll give it a try and post later how it goes.

Thanks again for the help.

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Hello all,

Following the steps on OEM installation using Asus Recovery firmware tool worked on the first try, thanks for the help.

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