Firmware TP-Link Archer C2 V1 (RU topic)

У кого нибудь получилось собрать прошивку 17.01.6 или 18.06.1?

google translate:
At whom it turned out to collect the firmware 17.01.6 or 18.06.1?

Translated using a dictionary:

For which device?
Official releases can be downloaded here.

Do you want to build the firmware yourself? Why?
There is some English documentation:

is not installed

Archer C2 v1 has only snapshot support. 17.01.6 / 18.06.1 do not exist for this device.

Sorry, I overlooked the subject.
The Archer C2 AC750 v1 technical data page has download URLs for the snapshot firmware.

I stitched, got a brick)

Did you follow the installation instructions?

Yes of course. I will try to restore via serial. only the power light is on and the plug in blinks once the internet light