Firmware Selector Custom Sysupgrade question

i have an old netgear r6080 with only 8mb of flash. is it possible to create a custom sysupgrade image using the firmware selector?

i've tried and it appears only the factory firmware image was generated but not the sysupgrade image. can i use the factory image even when the router is already on openwrt?

on a related question, what would be the maximum firmware image size for the r6080 router? i've tested with 7485kb factory image file and it came back as too big. thanks in advance. ?

what if i wish to include additional packages in the sysupgrade image?

is the firmware selector generator limited to custom factory images?

You'll have to check how much wiggle room remains, not a whole lot though.

looks like something is broken with the imagebuilder and the firmware selector. neither tool can create a custom sysupgrade image. only factory image can be created.

Have you tried using the firmware-selector without any customizations?

It works fine on my end, producing a 6MB sysupgrade.bin image.

yes i have. both the firmware selector and the imagebuilder are able to create factory and sysupgrade images without customization.

factory image appears to be the only output from the firmware selector or the imagebuilder with customization. i used to be able to create both factory and sysupgrade images in the past with customization.

I think you are pretty well at your limit with using the firmware-selector based on your 8/64 device restrictions. See 8/64 warning and saving firmware & RAM.

Since you don’t have a USB port on the device to avail yourself of using extroot, I would probably try to update sysupgrade 23.05.3 from the download page and see what you have available in opkg. Failing that, you might get a bit of mileage by trying to go down to 22.03.6 (still supported atm).

i'm able to squeeze in travelmate and wireguard packages with the 23.05.3 resulting in a 6138kb factory image for the r6080. i've flashed one and it's working as a travel router.

however, i'm unable to create a sysupgrade image for a friend who's r6080 is already on openwrt. i've not tested flashing a factory image on a router that is already on an older openwrt.

You will need to take something out. When deploying a custom build for small flash, an obvious package to leave out would be opkg, since there won't be room to install more packages at runtime anyway. Packages generally only used in the wget process that is the foundation of opkg can usually also be removed. Those include ca-bundle and uclient-fetch.


that works!

i've tested with these "-ca-bundle -ip6tables -kmod-ipv6 -kmod-ip6tables -odhcp6c -odhcpd-ipv6only -opkg -ppp -ppp-mod-pppoe -uclient-fetch"

thanks to all your comments. you guys rock.

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