Firmware Lede asus rt-ac51u help

Dear friends, I ask for your help! I bought a router, I want to change the firmware on LEDE! On the site I find the firmware update! Can not find the full firmware of the router? I ask the newcomer to help! Can there be an instruction?

The firmware can be found here...[Model*~]=rt-ac51u

It is a snapshot and is the only firmware available for the RT-AC51U.

Note that 5 Ghz is not supported.

this firmware is an update, I can not flash it (This is not a complete firmware!

It is the only LEDE firmware available for your router.

This is not uncommon for snapshots...[LEDE+Supported+Current+Rel_releasepage*~]=snapshot

Tell me how to be?

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If you're asking how to flash the LEDE firmware, you can use this approach...

hello anon57995562,

what he means, so i think cause i got the same problem is, how can i find a factory-image for that router. I also can only find sysupgrade-images.

There has never been such thing as a factory image for this device.
The RT-AC51U devicepage does not mention a factory image.

Why do you think you absolutely need a factory image?

hello tmomas,

thanks for your reply.

Regarding your question, I thought I have to use a factory-image to install openwrt. But when there is no factory-image I cannot install it. Only having the upgrade-image won't to the job or am I wrong. So why there is a upgrade-image if I cannot install openwrt with the factory-image. Or is there a other proper way to only use the upgrade image to "Install" openwrt?
thanks for your support.

The RT-AC51U devicepage describes the installation process.

The page which it points to does not exist. If you create it I will fill in the information about how to get it and where the documentation is.

Wouldn't this be sufficient?

Ok. Thanks for all your support. I’ll try to flash the upgrade-image.

hey thanks again for all your support.
Finally I got it done.

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