Firmware issues

my tplink 842nd router has the following Failure with openwrt:

After doing a lab to bridge my router, reset my router console mode to redo. Next step I proceed to do opkg update and opkg install luci but it no longer allows me to do it having my pc connected to the internet by cable since if I connect the router to the internet it does not allow me to enter the firmware interface by cmd and when I go to the graphic environment To make any configuration, does this not appear to me as a solution?

Welcome to the forum!

Can you tell us which firmware image exactly you used to flash your router initially?

I'm sorry but I need to better understand your issue. Could you tell us what is connected to what at the moment? Something like (sample):
The router is cabled from the Wan port to the modem. The computer is cabled on LAN1 in the router.

Having your expected setup connected, from your computer:

  • Can you ping the router?
  • Can you reach the router using SSH?
  • Can you reach the router using Luci?