Firmware Has Been Taken Off The Device Supported List

Anyone Know Why The Afoundry Firmware has been discontinued and taken off the device firmware list, it's for the Afoundry AF-EW1200 great little router works well for the price.
The last firmware was 18.06.2 and that’s gone now.


This one, you mean?

Though, there is a note about issues with 2.4 WiFi.

Hi many thanks yes but its been taken off the firmware list, i keep seeing mention of 2.4g not being stable had no issue myself i have 3 of the routers and 2 of them run 24 7

See OpenWrt downloads for EW1200 for the latest OpenWrt firmware images.

Thanks Tmomas that's the latest i'm on but on another thread try to find out more about mt7621_ew1200en_1.7.2.tar.gz

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