Firmware for TPlink-Archer c58hp-AC1350?

Is the existing Openwrt firmware for TPlink-C58 support C58HP-AC1350.??

@nahuel2332, welcome to the community!

Those are 2 different devices.

If a device is not listed on the Table of Hardware, it's not supported.

Also (in case it crossed your mind), it is not suggested to risk flashing the wrong firmware since it's unknown if the internals of the 2 devices are 100% compatible. Few models are.

Wikidevi suggests that the chipset of the C58HPv1 is the same as the C58v1.

So it might be worth trying a build for the regular C58, but do not flash unless you are familiar with serial or TFTP recovery.

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wondering if you flashed with this suggestion? @nahuel2332

i didn't try this suggestion. I am not familiar with serial or TFTP recovery.