Firmware for Tp-Link MR500

Hi there!
Is there any news when the firmware for Tp-Link MR500 would be be released?
Is firmare for Tp-Link MR6400 v1/v2 valid for MR500 as well?
Would be highly appreciated for any respond.

when someone who owns it adds the support for it, someone like ... you ?

trial and error, but I wouldn't do it, you will most probably brick your device.

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MR6400 v1 appears to use Atheros QCA9531, I wasn't able to find any info on v2 (or v3), while the newer v4/v5 are both based on MediaTek's MT7628N (I have a v5).

I also have the MR500 v1 and took a look inside to find the MT7621(DAT) / MT7603 / MT7613 combo - I'm including a photo below.

Firmware builds are definitely not interchangeable between the devices/versions. The TL-MR500 (and perhaps the 550 which might share the same oem firmware) should to be closest to the TL-MR600 that uses the same CPU and already has some OpenWrt support.

I have a firmware dump and I've been meaning to extract the dts to compare it with the 600 and maybe do some trial and error tests but I haven't found the necessary time for this yet.