Firmware for Nokia G-140W-C

Good morning!
I would like to know if I can install openwrt on Nokia G-140W-C! I'm a support manager for a provider and we have 300 units sitting unused.


Port OpenWrt to it, file a pull request for your development to be merged, done. You are the only one with the hardware on the desk and a motivation to get OpenWrt support for it, so you are in the driving seat.

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or consider donating one, to the devs, but check if the SoC is supported by Linux 1st.

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Yes it supports Linux

This is what I found in CLI

user> show version
Zebra 0.95 (mips-linux).
Copyright 1996-2004, Kunihiro Ishiguro.

Additional info for your reference


How to do it, please guide

no, they probably took an old kernel, added the support to that version, and didn't submit the patches to mainline.

Further info, if that helps

user(show)# sysinfo
System Uptime: 21 day(s), 17:19:57
MACAddress =
OperatorID BRTI
ProductClass: [G-140W-F]
ONT Type: [Hybrid]
Number of EthPorts: [4]
Ethernet Port Type: [ENET]
Number of POT Ports: [1]
Number of USB Ports: [2]
WIFI Interfaces: [2]
WifiType [MTK7592 MTK7612 ]
SlicType: [LE9641]
SOC Version: [MTK7526G]
[get_region] Region Code: in @ CTY in
Region: in

user(show)# swversion
Software Image #0:
version = 3FE47150DGAB52
is active = Yes
is valid=Yes
is committed =Yes
Software Image #1:
version = 3FE47150DGAB44
is active = No
is valid=Yes
is committed =No
Boot version =U-Boot Dec-31-2016--12:00:00

user(show)# hwversion
HardwareVersion =3FE47779ABAA

I am also interested.