Firmware for Comfast CF-E538ACV2

I have been trying to OpenWRT for the Comfast CF-E538ACV2, but I have had no luck. I have been using the non-V2 images to try and get it to work, but the problem is that it just fails every time. I have given up and accepted that the firmware for the non-V2 will simply not work in the V2.

My questions are dependent on your answer:

  1. Is there a firmware image for CF-E538ACV2, not CF-E538AC (the latter does not have a V2 appended)?
  2. If there is not, how would I go about building my own firmware image for the device? What steps do I have to take in order to begin building a firmware image for it? How would I debug issues?

seems there's no support for the CF-E538AC*

do you know the two are somewhat the same, hw wise ?

The device info page for the CF-E538AC says that it is not supported.

Chances are that V2 will not be supported (it likely has similar architecture as the first), either, but @frollic has provided the links about how to add support assumiing that it is generally supportable.

to add to what @psherman wrote, if the specs are the same, the 8mb flash is a dead end,
8mb devices will be EOLed after the upcoming release, due to insufficient flash space.

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Well, space is not a concern in my case. I will be customizing the install and it will be a very purpose-built image for the device. There will be no extra bloat or functionality needed. I am not concerned about space. I would like help in building a firmware image for it so that I can use it for fast roaming.

you own the device, you'll be adding the support, at the moment the device is a black box, for us.
we don't even know if an image can be built.

you received all the info you need to get you started.

if you have specific questions about the process, post them.

Follow the links from @frollic. Keep in mind that you will likely be responsible for the vast majority of the work required to add support.

(if supportable)

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Awesome. Thank you guys. I will keep you posted and let you know if I made any significant progress.

Fingers crossed, personally, I wouldn't hold my breath.

I have made good progress so far. I am able to SSH into the stock ROM (which is based on OpenWRT) as root, so this makes my job much easier. I have already mapped the GPIO, and hopefully I will be able to map the networking and partition layout as well. Progress is looking great so far, and hopefully something will come out.


Hello, I ordered some CF-E538AC but unfortunately CF-E538ACV2 were delivered.
Is there already progress with the V2 or can I help

I have been experimenting with the CF-E538 V2. It has 16MiB flash, 128MiB for RAM. It's based on MT7621 chipset. I do have a bootable image for it, the state of it is unknown as it's been some time since I looked at it.

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Cool, I'm grateful for any help
Can I get the image or the patch
Is the sysupgrade image