Firmware files conflict configuration files


I compiled openwrt with some init scripts under "/etc/init.d" in base-files. Earlier i was using this file as part of configuration. But i have now placed the files in firmware and deleted from the config.
But now i cant see those files from the firmware. how to solve this issue.

I guess you deleted some files from the overlay filesystem, then reinstalled the firmware but kept the overlay; only that files are not deleted from the overlay filesystem, they are marked as deleted, and the delete mark is still there.

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Hi eduperez

Thanks for the reply. you are right i deleted the file in overlay and kept it.
So how i can remove the delete mark or such reference So that my firmware file can pop up. while keeping the overlay.
I tried to restore the backup but situation is still same.

Look for your deleted files under /overlay/upper; you should see weird files with the same name of those you deleted. Deleting these files should undelete the corresponding files on the firmware.

Thanks for you reply!! :slight_smile:
below is my mount structure

root@t1tu1:~# df -h
Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
tmpfs                     1.7G    336.0K      1.7G   0% /tmp
tmpfs                   512.0K         0    512.0K   0% /dev
/dev/mtdblock3           16.0M      5.3M     10.7M  33% /mnt/jffs2
/dev/mtdblock4           16.9M      4.8M     12.0M  29% /mnt/custom
/dev/mtdblock8           16.0M    644.0K     15.4M   4% /mnt/ovlfs
overlay                  16.0M      5.3M     10.7M  33% /etc

I cant see the directory mentioned by you. any other way to find overlay dir.

Okay i found it. its under /mn/jffs2

and yeah you were right , after deleting that reference to that deleted file. Firmware file got restored.

Thanks for helping me out!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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