Firmware dump of D-Link GO-DSL-AC750

Hello OpenWRT Community!
Today i was very bored and i've decided to dump the firmware of this old router that i had around
The dump is not from an after reset of the router but from a working configuration (i don't remember the password)
Analyzing the firmware with binwalk i've found that this router is linux based and it uses squashfs as filesystem.
The router has a processor from the mt751x series (mediatek chip, i think that the architecture is mips but i'm not sure)
The SPI Flash is the fl128saif00 (3.3v chip, 16 megabytes of capacity)
Mounts w9751g6kb-25 for the ram (512mb DDR2)
For the 5ghz wlan, the router uses the mt7610EN from mediatek
For the 2.4ghz wlan, the router mounts the rt5382l from ralink (now become mediatek)
For the vdsl it uses mt7555n also from mediatek (i couldn't find any schematics, but as i could see it is connected to the vdsl port)
The board has a model number: GURNC4.OT182B-C REV1.0, here are some photos of the board from the fcc.
The 4 lan ports are managed by the processor, it also has a uart interface but i forgot to do a dump, anyway it works with 115200 bps.
If anyone manages to port openwrt to this router i would be very happy and i can help you testing the firmware.
Firmware download (From mega nz)
I know that i should post this to the wiki but idk how

There's no SOC support, nor any xDSL drivers - so effectively you've already hit a dead end.

That's sad, anyway i hope that this firmware dump could help someone to recover their bricked device.