Firmware compatibility with TP Link MR6400 v 5.2 router model required

Hi, I have a TP Link modem router model MR6400 v5.2.
I saw in the list of compatible firmwares that the openwrt firmware version 23.05.0 is compatible with the TP Link MR6400v1 - v4 - v5 models but version 5.2 is not displayed. Could it be compatible? I would like to install open wrt. Thank you

V5.x = v5.

Hi, do you mean that the same openwrt firmware compatible for hardware versions 5 is also compatible with the subsequent ones (5.1-5.2-5.3 etc. Is the installation done via the original firmware interface with Putty or with Tftpd64? Thanks again.

Yes, and TFTP.;a=commit;h=b641eb6ecfbfc2c6a488483332d4b5a6ee4c736c