Firmware autoload supported for USB DVB device?

Hi all,

I have 2 Alix Boards with OpenWRT 19.0.8. I have installed tvheadend on one, because I want to try to use it for streaming.
I have an USB DVB device that needs firmware. So I have copied the firmware blobs to /lib/firmware/, which is the usual place for such blobs and where it gets autoloaded when the device is plugged in.

This doesn't work in my setup. Do I miss something, do I have to configure something, or isn't this supported ?

Thanks in advance

assuming it's actually supported, did you install any packages that might be required ?


hmm, besides the remaining setup as DHCP/DNS/NTP server I have only installed the tvheadend package. Do I need to install a package for this firmware autoloading feature, and if yes which one ?

You also need the corresponding kernel modules to support your DVB card (which might- or might not be packaged for OpenWrt).

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ah, f*ck, I missed this. OK, I have to go through the list of available kernelmodules to see if there is one that fits.

just 4 the records: I need at least 3 kernelmodules (named ds3000, dvb_usb_dw2102 and ts2020 in Raspbian), so I'd compile my own kernel with the SDK. That's too much effort for me for this tiny project.

Thanks for the replies

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