Firmware 23.05.0 to 22.05.3

I have flashed and upgraded my router with openwrt firmware 23.05.0 through luci interface .now i want to flash 22.05.3 through pxe server .then i want to sysupgrade with 23.05.2 sysupgrade image ,is it possible to do that ?


Why you want to PXE to v22.05.3? Did the update not work?
If (which?) 'your-router' runs 23.05.0 fine, why not update through Luci interface?
If 'your-router' has no DSA network on v22 and DSA on v23 you will have to reconfigure manually, you can not keep settings!
From v23.05.0 to v23.05.2 can be done with keep settings.

Be as specific as possible when asking questions:

  • Which router (Maker / Model) are we talking about?
  • How did you flashed AND upgraded 'your-router' through luci-interface? In my opinion this is NOT possible, only if the router already ran OpenWrt.
  • Why do you wanna downgrade?

Regards, DG.

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