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Why send OpenWrt.lan -> ICMP?

Maybe you're connecting to something running at Amazon?

user@machine:~$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:

This is what appears when I type the resolved IP:

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I've seen cryptic messages around here before, but yours beats them all...


no problem I was just surprised when I tcpdump executed and as a source of ICMP request OpenWrt.lan (router) saw and I had not executed this request because normally the source is the client (lan) and not the OpenWrt (router)

Yes the browser then did that request from a local machine but tcpdump protocolled OpenWrt.lan as the source that's what baffled me

Because your router sent an ICMP message back to the server. I don't see why that baffles you. If you're familiar with that website, you should be OK.

exactly that he has to be synonymous as dns server right?

I'm not sure what you're asking or why. Perhaps you can explain why you think there's a problem?

Because normally icmp requests manually and be executed by a program on the client and not just from the router

This is outright false. Various ICMP messages can be generated by any router along the way.


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