Firewall user rules lost when restarting interface

I have rules in /etc/firewall.user to flash an LED. This works:

# iptables -L | grep -i led
LED        all  --  anywhere             anywhere             led-trigger-id:"reject" led-delay:300ms led-always-blink

Then I restart an interface (say, my LAN2) in LuCI. After that, the LED stops working as the user rules go missing:

# iptables -L | grep -i led

I found out that '/etc/init.d/firewall reload' does not read /etc/firewall.user while 'restart' does. This may lead to unexpected behaviour. Is there a rationale, esp. behind LuCI apparently only doing a firewall reload? I don't want to have to restart the firewall manually every time I restart an interface.

uci -q set firewall.@include[0].reload='1'; uci commit firewall

Thanks for the prompt reply.

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