Firewall status stuck on collecting data

Due to running OpenWrt on Linksys E8450, I'm running the latest snapshot r18752-1b311aab31

On the page /cgi-bin/luci/admin/status/iptables, the web browser has a 404 error calling on the service :
Executable not found

Digging in, I realized it was trying to connect to iptables which was not installed.
So I added it, but it seems my setup is not using iptables (no rules running iptables --list).
Any suggestion ? Thanks!

Your firewall in the snapshot is the new nftables based firewall. No more iptables.

The LuCI nftables firewall status page has been merged today. It you build OpenWrt you can already get it. Otherwise, wait until the buildbot has built updated LuCI modules for your target.

Thanks! I had a feeling iptables wasn't used anymore.
If I flash the new snapshot, will it contain the LuCI changes too?

Well, the snapshot does nto contain LuCI at all, instead you need to install it.

But aside that, the new LuCI app version will be there once the buildbot completes the next build for your architecture...

Note that also several other fixes for the firewall3 & related packages were merged today into the main OpenWrt, so flashing a new snapshot is also recommended.

I should read about the software architecture. I didn't have to install LuCI with my snapshot, it was already available. Thanks for the info, I appreciate

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