Firewall setup needed for using wireshark across VLANs?

I have my home network segregated into VLANs. I am running wireshark on a box on the primary VLAN (lan firewall zone) and want to use it to monitor a wireless camera in a separate VLAN (iot firewall zone) to see all of the outgoing connection attempts.

If I enter this filter into the wireshark filter GUI, ip.addr == and start the capture, I can see my Linux box pinging the camera and the camera replying to the pings. What I do not see however, is the camera sending requests out to trigger a push notification on my phone when I intentionally trigger the motion sensor. I am thinking my firewall is preventing the wireshark box from seeing the traffic. As you see below, I have the firewall lan zone forwarding to the iot so I am not sure why I cannot see the packets. What am I missing?

See my post here for a work-around and potential lead for enabling this if the work-around is not to your liking: Setup on router that could prevent wireshark from seeing packets?

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