Firewall Rule for Guest WLAN and Chromecast

Might you help me?

There are some threads already about how do this.
You need to create firewall rules to allow:

  • udp 32768:61000
  • tcp 8008:8009
  • udp

And one rule to increase the ttl of the ssdp broadcast

I found this info about chromecast ports online, i don't know how accurate this info is.
Maybe you have to enable the firewall log and watch for dropped packets and adjust the rules accordingly.

Then configure smcroute to enable routing of the mulicast traffic (
Something like:

mroute from br-lan group to br-othernetwork
mroute from br-othetnetwork group to br-lan

Change the network device names (br-lan br-othetnetwork) accordingly.

How do I put those ports in OpenWRT?

The firewall rules go into

by default the smcroute config is in

Over 2 years passed and I was never able to fix this.