Firewall - Port Forwards GROUPS (E.G. XBOX live)

I suggest creating a port forwarding group or less better wizard. I would like to choose from a preset group and have it automatically setup all the port forwarding.

E.g. I choose xbox live from a dropdown and it sets up a bunch of port forwarding to a IP / hostname entered into a textbox. It adds a single entry of a port forwarding group to the a specific host.

If I want to change the grouping to a different host I re-edit the single line grouping and specify a new hostname. The old forwardings are removed and the new forwardings are added.


  1. Use a template or simple recipe based way to allow other people to extend the port forwarding groups easily.

  2. Have a add new rules... button to add new recipe

Or, and hear me out here, we could leave it as it is and users can spend a little bit of time (with assistance from the forum if they ask) learning what it is that they're doing so they understand it.

Or you can go over to GitHub and contribute time and code necessary to implement what would need to be quite a complicated system to cater for all various configurations/use cases without breaking anything.

Writign the code is trivial, authoring the config templates is not. Once someone creates a repository of configuration templates, wizzard code can be written for them.

Some one would have to keep updating the configs for something like this. Over time ports for services can change.

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Any preference on format?

Firewalld has a number of predefined services as a base.

@d687r02j8g is that question to me?

No, to jow. Thought if we needed templates, then could use the XML from firewalld or extract data from them to get a start on the templates.

Might not be what was required, but thought it might help.

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Any update on this?

No work has been done.

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