Firewall not being read

It happens more often than I'd care to confess...

Agreed: I'm a little vague on running anything command wise from Luci; not knowing if I'm going to see an "unsaved" change notification that I can scrutinize ~ Apply ~ Revert.

I tried to restart the firewall with a missing quote and I got the error on the screen without losing access to my ssh session.

Parse error (too many arguments) at line 186, byte 709
Error: Failed to load /etc/config/firewall

Was the file edited manually or via uci? I don't think such an error would come from Luci.

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No, I don't think it does miss out the quotation marks when using Luci. I may have been editing the firewall via text editor for some reason but I have now forgotten what that reason was.

What do you currently have in the luci-app-commands ? Maybe a hint there.

I'm just wondering if a change can be made so detrimental within and to the GUI of Luci, and be saved in /etc/config/firewall without warning or just outright saving "fat finger edits".

Wouldn't that be considered kind of buggy if true?

Yes, I have luci-ap-commands installed but it is itially empty unless you want me to run df-h in there?

@Nightwalker83 it won't be necessary or reveal any new insight as to why your firewall settings were saved without the " .

I'm just beating a dead horse wondering how this issue with the firewall settings were able to be saved without a warning and revert.

I'm glad you found the problem, I'd just like to be prepared next time someone mentions an issue like this.

You can always directly edit the configuration files and an underlying error will not be obvious until the service is restarted.

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