Firewall 4 and Wan Zone

I installed the snapshot from today (r18882-48ace62114) and installed my usual packages and made usual configs manually, one of the settings is in Network>Firewall>Wan>Advanced Settings, I restrict tun0 to Address Family ipv4 as an extra precaution against dns leaks when using vpn (although it doesn't really seem necessary), but with this snapshot that results in no internet connection (no connection when vpn isn't being used also), returning to default ipv4 and ipv6 returns internet connection and everything works fine. So I'm just wondering if anyone would happen to know if this is expected behavior with Firewall 4 or if I should make a bug report?

Full configuration files are usually best, if you expect anyone to look into your problem. After all "installed my usual packages and made usual configs manually" doesn't mean a whole lot to anyone but yourself.

Power cycling the modem a second time seems to have fixed it, I’ll keep an eye on it over the next day and if it occurs again I’ll post the configs, if not I’ll just delete the post.