Finding the nearest release branch related to an (old) commit: how?

I need to install nut (network ups tools: server, client, driver and monitor) on an host with an old release, marked
OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r16178-1cd098784e / LuCI Master git-21.060.51374-cd06e70
I know that is old, software is unmaintained and that the risk of break it is high: I just hope that nut is a very stable and standard software so I might try to install it.
Said that, I've tried to go to the git repo and insert the commit 1cd098784e, but I've found nothing: my final goal is to modify the repository (actually, it points to 19.07-SNAPSHOT and does not work) to the most similar release - from a packages' list point of you - hoping that I can install nut and related software without big problems.
I will do it with
sed 's/-SNAPSHOT/??????/g' /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf
for replacing -SNAPSHOT with the most similar version, but of course I need to know which is this most similar version. Is there a way to do this?
I've seen that 19.07.03 and 19.07.10 have the same nut-server version, so I might just try on in the middle (I dont think I have the last 19.07.10), but I would try to select the righest one.
Thanks a lot for any advice!

I'd try the nut from the stable release closest to r16178. if you don't need kmods, there's a very good change nut will work.

Hi frollic, thanks for the fast answer... but how I can discover witch is the stable release closest :sweat_smile:?

edit: corrected the question

You'll need to do some detective work, but it seems to be from Feb - Mar '21.

Check this:

./scripts/ r16178

Then proceed with that:


thanks vgaetera but it seems to much for me. I will hope there was a way easily enough to find it in the git repo;a=summary : the commit search seems works diffrently from what I imaged/understood (my fault) and I cannot just look for 1cd098784e . By the way, digging in the packages' repo I see that net-* packages versions are mosre or less the same from 19.07.0 to 19.07.10, I tried with .3, seems to work everything.
Thanks all for usual fast support!

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