Finding old snapshot

There is no stable release for my device, so I was using a snapshot from something like 2019.
This year I tried to upgrade it and found that many things stopped working, like internal switch, DHCP client, etc.
Unfortunately, I have only one older snapshot that I downloaded about a year ago and it also has a bug with DHCP.
Is it possible to find an older snapshot? I tried to build one, but with no success (guess some packages are outdated too).

Snapshots aren't archived, the daily updates replace their predecessors.


In addition to @slh's answer: If the device had a snapshot in 2019 -- presumably because it was added after 19.07 has been tagged in July 2019 -- it should actually have a "stable" release with 21.02 (which is currently in its RC phase, but I'm going out on a limb and say if you're comfortable with a snapshot build, you would also be comfortable with a RC.)


There is, indeed, 21.02.0-RC3 for the device. Everything is working as expected with it at first glance. Thanks!

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