FInd my Xiaomi R3G with LEDE


I installed LEDE on my R3G in the past.
But some Bugs prevented my of further use of the Router and i left it.
Now i wanna try again with fresh LEDE Version, but i cant connect to my Router.
I can find him in the Network with IP but iam unable to connect via Browser/SSH.
I know i disabled DHCP becasue because my Fritzbox should manage that.
Is there a Fallback Adress or something for emergency or something to open LUCI?
Reset of the Router via Pin didnt helped.

Thank you very much

There is no reset with pin...

Checkout failsave mode in documentation

Thank you very much for the help.
But i cant connect via Putty while in Failsafe mode.
I get the message that my connection was refused.
Tryed all Ethernet Ports

Are you sure that you are in failsave mode?

If this will not work, you have to use serial console for uboot and use option 1 or 2 (dont´t know it exactly) and boot a initram openwrt image over tftp and flash with that a sysupgrade image with sysupgrade.

Yes. I get the fast blinking LED and dont get the refused message while in normal boot.
Thank you will give a try :slight_smile: