Finally, OpenWrt Wi-Fi 6 IPQ60XX and IPQ807X Support, Maybe?

I asked a couple of weeks ago if the Qualcomm IPQ60XX was supported in Open-WRT, and the overwhelming majority said no, no one has even started.

However, I recently discovered the TIP OpenWifi project. They used the OpenWRT Build, AND seems to support 802.11AX is their GitHub.

Can these files easily be pulled over to OpenWRT to support these targets? IPQ60XX IPQ807X

It also looks like 8devices has a IPQ60XX target?

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the problem is not strictly support the target...
But backport tons of patches and have an actually usable device with wifi and switch driver working...


Understood, but hasn't TIP OpenWIFI already done that as well? I see a ton of patches and firmware all related to Wifi 6 and these chipsets? See below

I am not a developer, but interested in talking to someone that knows about this.

This has popped up multiple times so far, TIP is using the 4.4 kernel from the QSDK along with the custom packages.
Its technically OpenWrt, but QSDK is that as well, its nothing new and does not solve any of our issues.


I thought this might be different as the build program looks like it downloads the offical openwrt git, and then incorporates these patches in.

Do you know if this TIP and/or QSDK works?

Is there a developer or team we can hire to make these chipsets work with OpenWRT? Can I buy equipment for anyone to test with?

Yes, it fetches the OpenWrt but then does a lot of patching turning it into something only OpenWrt looking.
IPQ807x for example uses the QSDK 4.4 kernel and the rest of NSS packages, it has a huge patch for that.

So its not really OpenWrt.

As far as OpenWrt support go, its WIP for IPQ807x.
You can check out the AX3600, AX9000 and IPQ807x threads here on the forum.
As far as IPQ60xx goes I only recently got some proper IPQ6010 boards, but really have no time currently to play with them.

Its strange to me that they are putting the ipq60xx as a sub target under the ipq807x target.

profile: qcom_cp01_c1
target: ipq807x
subtarget: ipq60xx
description: Build image for the QualComm Cypress

  • opensync-tip
  • name: ipq807x
    path: ../../feeds/ipq807x
  • wifi-ax

Ah, I see the target in the latest git. If I build this and load on a IPQ60XX I assume it won't work right? As mentioned above, TIP makes it sub target for some reason.

No, the OpenWrt master has a ipq807x target as a dummy currently, it does not work.

Its a subtarget in TIP as it was easier for them since it uses the same kernel tree and IPQ60xx shares HW parts of IPQ807x anyway

Thanks for sharing. Have you tried or deployed TIP firmware onto an IPQ807X or IPQ60XX device yet? I plan to make a build.

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No, as I have no need for it

Did you get a chance to create a OpenWifi build for these chipsets?