Filemanager suggestions...?

I've got an old RP-WD02 router with OpenWRT on it. It's old, and below both the suggested flash and RAM limits, so I'm thinking of getting a new one soon (maybe the WD0009 I've been hearing about, but short of a method of resetting the partition sizes I think I'll pass), but any future purchases or use of my current one depends on the following question:

Are there any good web-based file upload/download/browser applications, with the following features, that can be installed in OpenWRT without taking up all the space with custom MySQL databases or whatnot?

I've looked through most of those sites promising "10 best PHP file managers to enlarge your personal storage!!!" and I've found the aborted attempt at adding one to LuCi (the ideal option, shame it doesn't work on large files), but none of them seem to work quite right or suit my needs.

Do you know of something I can install with the as many of the following features as possible?:

  • Password protection to prevent unwanted access to my files
  • Create, rename, upload, delete, and download files, create, delete, and rename folders
  • Limited to a single parent directory (ideally configurable once and remembered) so no one can upload to /etc or other dangerous folders
  • List of packages (the OpenWRT ones) I'd need to get it working
  • Operates with as few files/dependencies/packages as possible, and uses a text config file

Alternately, if anyone has any idea what's wrong with the LuCi one? I'd be happy to fork that and make changes, but I've got no clue where to begin solving multipart form upload issues or package maintenance.

Does it have to be a web interface? As far as I can see an FTP server in combination with a decent FTP client will do the job.

om mc using SSH, but it really depends on the use case.

I'd really prefer a web interface. I'm not very familiar with setting up/using FTP, and this option would not require a program on my machine (or others').

then use winscp, nothing to set up.

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I agree. Winscp is easy to get up and running. Make sure to select scp as the protocol. Default is sftp.