File Sharing (FTP?) Recommendations

I have an EA6350. I have a 4tb HDD plugged into the USB port with about 2tb worth of movies. I’d like to share this on the network with up to 25 users. I also need it set up such that there are two “accounts”, a general account that’s read-only and an “admin” so that someone can upload and/delete movies as needed while the general account can’t accidentally wipe out the collection. Anyone have any recommendations for an FTP client or similar that would support this? Users are not going to be using CLI or anything- they need to use a browser and access via a URL/IP. No internet service availability. Thanks

From my experience on a similar situation, I would recommend SAMBA instead of FTP. Almost any device has SMB support from the factory, there is no need to install or configure any additional client, users can browse and interact with the shared unit as if it was a local drive, and you can play with users and permissions as much as you like.

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You can use uHTTPd or any other web server.