Fibocom l860 zbt w1608 4g/5g modem router imei

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I have a FIBOCOM L860 4G CAT16 MODEM installed in a ZBT W1608 4G/5G MODEM ROUTER. I current have unlimited T Mobile 4G hotspot through a Franklin T10. I want to use the FIBOCOM MODEM for a better 4G bandwidth connection and cellular connection through the antennas on the ZBT. T Mobile states a customer modem can not be used with the service. I want to reprogram or spoof the IMEI on the FIBOCOM to match the IMEI on the Franklin T10. Is there a way this can be done? The connection uses a SIM card. I have read the FIBOCOM manual and there is no IMEI editing information.

Move the actual modem, if possible?