FFMPEG Frame grabber on RTSP stream IPcamera

Hi all,

I have tried to follow the link, But i have not find any answer.
I am also looking for the similar kind of solution.

can anybody guide me how to make it work using FFMPEG


At least in the past, the FFMPEG package didn't ship with the necessary libs for RTSP stream handling.

I ended up compiling by own binary, which is pretty much what your link is saying.

You don't really need to create the whole image, the binary is enough.


Hi Frollic,

Thanks for the reply.

I am new to work on openwrt.
Can you give me some guidance how can I do that?


And like I said, you don't really need the whole image, just the specific binary/package.

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Hi Frollic,

can you please give the details how to update the specific binary/package.
where can i find the package.


you can't,

you have to build it (and modify the current build params) yourself, that's the whole thing.

But I think the only config you need to enable/change is libffmpeg-full=y, in the config file.

I'm pretty sure I didn't use ffmpeg4, but ffmpeg.

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the main issue is that OpenWrt does not provide patented functionality enabled in official packages, so the only way is recompiling with that option enabled.

Might be cool to have a separate unofficial repository with pre-compiled packages, since this is a problem only for USA, while most other nations (like say the member states of EU) don't even recognize software patents as valid.


offshore repository, instead of offshore account :wink:

Some Linux distros do that, like Fedora and OpenSUSE, and Ubuntu also.